Buy/Sell Domain Names! Is usually it Profitable?

Is this particular an industry that went down with the dotcom Increase or is it the hidden treasure for a few?

I've just recently came across a few web sites like namepros. com and dnforum, websites that emphasis solely on the purchasing and selling of domain names. And I "gotta tell ya" I was quit impressed to hear some of the success stories.

Now from my knowing, I believed profit from website sales died at the finish of the dotcom Boom. But from what I've seen and noticed, It seems like this can be quite a lucrative business. Naturally there's more to it than buying a website name for $5. 99 a year and turning around and selling it for $4, 000. To come throughout a domain name (whether self created, expired, or purchased) spending time advertising it, sending traffic to where it's parked, getting a broker, doing the things you need to carry out to in the value regarding the name, it's looks like a very time consuming business.

But when you go to Sedo. com you'd be surprised at the prices that will many of these domains are proceeding for, $5, 000, $10, 000, much more.

It looks to me just like a hidden art. There's not significant speak about it in the basic internet marketing forums. In addition to everywhere on the net you see ebooks upon "How To" write ebooks for profit, do JOINT VENTURE (joint venture) deals, e-books on site traffic, running a blog techniques, affiliate marketing, rss or atom feeds...... as well as on plus on and very small info on the business of buying and selling domain name names. So that indicates from the business who's time has passed or the very lucrative one which hidden from the men and women who jump on the particular bandwagon.

Just looking from current events and doing domain checks on certain subjects tells me how quickly good domains get grabbed up. Believe it or not title Farris Hassan dot com (16 12 months old boy who proceeded to go to Iraq) is already taken.

From my research it seems that right now there are a select number of who are generously profiting from the buying plus selling of domain names. When i mentioned above right now there is alot of work involved but if your willing to join a new few membership sites, learn a few advertising tricks and have into the game, typically the selling of domain brands can be a very lucrative business.
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