Are Free NAMES OF DOMAIN Worth The Cost?

Everyone likes a discount. It's even smart to keep one's costs straight down. However, you may be so affordable that you trim your own throat.

Here are two methods to register a domain brand free of charge and some explanations why you will possibly not want to.

1. YOU'LL WANT Your Own Major Level Domain (TLD) Brand 

Your business website should have its own leading level domain (TLD) brand. This means a brand like It generally does not imply a subdomain of somebody else's domain name, such as for example

Sometimes individuals hesitate to join up an effective domain name as a result of cost, insufficient knowledge, or indecision. Even so, paying the nominal payment billed by the domain registrar on your own domain brand can reap wealthy dividends.

A Uniform Source Locator (URL) or Net address like (ignoring the http portion), or, just doesn't look just as professional as It could possibly be free (as in incorporated with your web space) nonetheless it simply doesn't cut it.

Consider: In the event that you put your URL on your own letterheads, business cards, signals, et cetera, which Net address looks even more professional?

If you mention your URL on your own radio advertising or even to a customer over the telephone, which will be better to remember?

As well, imagine if your web host is out of business or you select that you want to improve to some other provider. Now, you must notify everyone you have right now changed to You will need to change your stationery also, signs, and marketing to reflect the modification.

However, the domain brand, could possibly be transferred from one hosting company to some other by informing your domain brand registrar of the modification simply.

So, in order to avoid losing organization and incurring unnecessary more costs, be certain you have your private top level domain brand.

2. Should a free of charge is received by you Leading Level Domain?

It is possible to obtain a free best level domain from Dot TK ( (You may even receives a commission dot tk (.tk) domains from their website.) However, there may be disadvantages to by using a free leading level domain name.

Here are a few of the restrictions observed on the Dot TK internet site.

You might register only three free names of domain.

The possession of the free of charge domain remains to be with Dot TK. This ensures that you can't promote it. (Of course, in the event that you purchase the domain it really is owned by you and may transfer it to a fresh owner.)

Also, unless you have 25 tourists come to your house site within a ninety time period, your no cost domain name sign up is cancelled.

You must have existing content somewhere in order that your dot tk brand could be forwarded to it.

There may be other disadvantages.

Evidently, Dot TK uses frames showing your website. This being the entire case, you may have problems with navigation (bookmarking or locating specific pages) and internet search engine friendliness.

Therefore, for serious organization use, consider carefully the real cost of free names of domain.

Want to book a free domain name???  Dot TK - Free Domains for All

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